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BG5107 Programmable (alternating) Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

AddDate: 2014-05-16
It’s used for testing and ensuring the storage and use adaptability of the electrical, electronics and automobile electric appliances, etc. 
Applicable scope: Schools, factories, military industry, research department, etc. 

GB 2423.1—2001,GB 2423.2—2001

Technical parameters: 
◆  Working dimension

Working volume

Working dimension (mm)















◆  Temperature sensor: Use Taiwan PT-100 high precision sensor
◆  Temperature sensor: System balance thermostat humidity control system (BTHC)
◆  Temperature range: -20℃~150℃, -40℃~150℃, -50℃~150℃, -70℃~150℃
◆  Humidity range: 30~98%RH
◆  Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃
◆  Temperature departure: ≤±1.0℃; When reaching +130℃:≤±1.5℃
◆  Humidity departure: ±3.0%RH(>75RH), ±5.0%RH(≤75%RH)
◆  Cooling rate: 1~1.5 ℃/min
◆  Heating rate: RT~130℃, about 60Min
◆  Outer material: High quality cold rolled steel plate, high temperature electrostatic painting
◆  Inner material: SUS304 steel plate
◆  Thermal insulation material: High density Polyurethane foam+fiberglass
◆  Observing window: Three layers of vacuum glass window
◆  Lighting: Wide angle projection lighting equipment
◆  Sample shelf: Stainless steel SUS304, 2 groups; Fix holder: Stainless steel, can adjust tracks distance, 2 groups.
◆  Heater: Ring shaped multi-pipe electril heating.
◆  Humidifier: Stainless steel
◆  Humidifier: Stainless steel electric steam generator, U-shaped humidifier
◆  Cooling system
    Refrigerator: Imported France “Taikang” refrigerator, closed with low noise, rotor type compressor
    Refrigerant: DuPont environmentally friendly refrigerant R13 and R22.
    Condenser: Chip attached cooling coil motors or water-cooled evaporator, Chip multi-stage automatic load capacity adjustment.
◆  Temperature and humidity control system: Imported (Chinese and English menu) temperature and humidity intelligent controller
◆  Temperature and humidity controller
    Touch LCD controller, digital display. 
    Operation mode: Setting value operation and program operation. 
    Set mode: Touch type.
    Can print curves.
    Program 120 groups 1200 sections 
    Temperature resolution: ±0.1℃
    Humidity resolution: ±1%RH
    Control mode: PID control
    Communication function: RS-485, RS-232C (Optional)
◆  Attached functions:
    Alarm display function
    Power failure protection
    Maximum temperature alarm
    Timer function (automatically start and automatically stop)
    Self-diagnostic function
    Curves record and display function
    Water supply: Pump upgrade
    Water storage tank: Stainless steel, about 15L 
    convenient front-plus outlet plus outlet
◆  Safety device: Humidifier dry protection, independent damp protection, lack water protection, compressor overload, overcurrent protection, refrigerant protection switch, over-current circuit breakers, and leakage protection.
◆  Power: AC 220V/380V

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