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BG5301A Computer control Servo-type Tensile Tester (Double columns)

AddDate: 2014-05-17
It uses the advanced machinery, electronic PCI acquisition card and computer technology, which can record the whole test process’s test piece’s load, variable displacement and through the relationship between the change of time by the form of curve, for studying the materials’ nature or manufacturing process quality control, and so on. This machine is mainly used for various materials’ tensile, compression, bending, shearing test.

GB/T 228-2002 ,GB/T16825-1997

Technical parameters:
◆  Max testing force: 5KN, 10KN, 20KN, 50KN (customers’ self-choise)
◆  Effective travel: about 600mm
◆  Testing width: 400mm
◆  Testing force’s Relative error: ≤±1%
◆  Speed range: 0.1~500mm/Min
◆  Displacement resolution: 0.01mm
◆  Transmission yoke plate: It’s made of high carbon steel, with great mechanical performance strength, without deformation.
◆  Transmission screw: §30 high precision seamless ball screw, which will not transform after long use.
◆  Clip surface: All the clips are made of hard chromium plating processing. Clamp block uses the Japanese imported tool steel, SKD-11 high frequency processing, above HRC55, which has the feather of resistant to wear and impact.
◆  Guide rod bearing: Uses the Japanese NSK ball linear bearing.
◆  Guide rod: It’s made of two ∮30 South Korea Taijing guide rods. Its surface is of high temperature and hard chromium plating processing, above HRC60 above
◆  Main bearing: Uses the Japanese NSK high carbon ball bearing (additional iron cover, anti-dust)
◆  Speed-reduction device: Italy's European precision vacuum casting aluminium reduction machine, 1:30
◆  Anti-dust device: Uses the Taiwan inhibitory range dust cover to protect the screw.
◆  Main body surface process: Uses the American Dupont powder, electrostatic painting technology, and cured by high temperature of 200℃, which will never fade.
◆  Display mode: Windows XP testing software + computer display.
◆  Overall dimension: 980*500*1650mm
◆  Power: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
◆  Computer: Customers’ optional provide
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