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BG5104 High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

AddDate: 2016-06-02
It’s used for testing and ensuring the storage and use adaptability of the electrical, electronics and automobile electric appliances, etc. 
Applicable scope: Schools, factories, military industry, research department, etc. 

GB 2423.1—2001,GB 2423.2—2001

Technical parameters:
◆  Tester structure: 
    Tester body: Use the numerical control machine to make it shaped, whose style is elegant. And it uses the no-reaction handle, which is easy to operate.
    Inner of the tester: Use the imported high-quality stainless steel (SUS304).
    Outer of the tester: Use the A3 steel plastic spraying, which increases the texture and cleanliness.
    Huge observing windows: Keep the inner tester bright with attached lights, and use the thermode built-in toughened glass, so that you can observe the inside situation clearly at any time.
    Equipped with a testhole whose diameter is 50mm, to make use for external testing power wire or holding wire.
◆  Control system:
    Temperature control: Use Japan RKC Digital display touch buttons, touching set, digital and direct display. Temperature control and output power are all by P.I.D microcomputer calculus, to achieve high-accuracy, high- efficiency electricity benefit. If something goes wrong, it will alarm. 
    Refrigerator: Use the French original "Taikang" totally-closed compressor.
    Dry filter, refrigerant flow Windows, repair valve, oil separator, solenoid valve, and surge drum are all use the imported original pieces.
    Refrigeration system: Use the design of unit or binary-type low temperature loop system.
    Use the multi-wing air feeder feeding air, to avoid any dead space, and can make uniform temperature distribution in the test area.
    Heating and cooling system are fully independent, which can improve the efficiency, reduce the cost, increase the using life and reduce the failure.
    Have the protections of leakage, and operation instructions. And it will automatically stop after failure warning.
◆  Working size

Working volume

Working studio(mm)















◆  Temperature: 0℃~150℃, -20℃~150℃, -40℃~150℃, -60℃~150℃, -70℃~150℃. (Customers’ self choice.)
◆  Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ (unloaded)
◆  Temperature deviation: ≤±2℃
◆  Average heating and cooling rate: 0.7~1.0℃/Min (unloaded)
◆  Time set range: 0~9999H
◆  Overall dimension: According to customers’ choice.
◆  Power: According to customers’ choice.
PS: Can equip tensile, winding and impact devices to do relevant tests.
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