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Product Name:
BG5102 Ventilation type Aging Oven

AddDate: 2016-06-02
It’s used for testing the wire, skin, plastic, rubber, and cloth’s characteristics change before and after heating. To keep fresh air in working studio, this tester is equipped with ventilation regulation device inside.
This tester has passed the CCIC agency inspection, our company has become the qualified production factory.

◆  It’s equipped with precision design of the air exchange regulation device, digital watt-hour meter, and timer.
◆  Horizontal type forced air circulation system and internal air regulation plates on both sides, to ensure the internal temperature stays uniform and stable.

UL1581sect420.9, ASTM-D2436, CNS3556,CNS742, JIS7212, JIS B7757, GB, VDE

Technical Parameters:
◆  Power: AC380V, 6KW, three-phase four-wire
◆  Temperature range: RT+10℃~250℃
◆  Control accuracy: ±0.5℃
◆  Resolution: 0.1℃
◆  Distribution error: ±2.5℃
◆  Heating up time: RT~250℃, about 40min
◆  Dimension and material:
      Inner dimension: 500(W)*400(D)*500(H) mm
      Overall dimension: 1200(W)*650(W)*1340(H) mm
      Inner material: SUS#304 stainless steel, outside: baking varnish
      Heat-insulating material: 80mm high-density rock wool
◆  Heater: One suit of screw-tubular heater, 380V, 6KW
◆  Accessory equipment: Over-temperature protection, all kinds of action indicators, one group of rotary disk and rotary motor. (Rotary disk is detachable, rotating speed: 8~10rp)
◆  One set of ventilation volumes regulation device. Ventilation volume: 5~200 times/H, adjustable, measuring at 80℃.
◆  One set of timer: Used for aging timing and ventilation volumes timing.
◆  Wind circulation system: Use multi-blade centrifugal circulating fan.
◆  Circuit-control system: Temperature controller uses microcomputer electronic setting and LCD displays. This system uses the P.I.D+SCR control, which can improve the life and stability of the element-controlling interface. And it adopts high precision Platinum PT100 thermocouple. 
◆  Layers of the box: 
    (1) Electrostatic-painting steel plate
    (2) Heat-insulation high density rock wool
    (3) High-temperature-resistant electrolytic board
    (4) Air-exchange and heating tube layer
    (5) Stainless steel plate
◆  Overall dimension: 1200*650*1340mm
◆  Power: AC380V, 50/60HZ, 12A.
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